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1. These terms and conditions apply between Quality Tourism Katieca AB (QTK) and the one stated in the confirmation (Customer). The agreement may apply for travel or purchase of other products on the QTK booking page. Responsible organizer is Quality Tourism Katieca AB, Ängsviksvägen 6, 178 37 Ekerö. Tel +46 (0) 70 – 561 75 75. nr. 556063-6150

2. Messages and contact details

The customer is responsible for providing contact information where QTK can provide messages and information continuously, during and after an event. Communication is made to the customer’s specified e-mail address. Agreements between Customer and QTK shall be summarized in the Booking Confirmation for which QTK is responsible. Each booking is assigned a booking number to be entered in all communications and correspondence. Notifications to QTK shall be confirmed as received to be considered valid.

3. Booking and confirmation

We confirm the bookings by email, to the e-mail address provided. On the booking confirmation you will find the date and the departure time of the trip.

4. Allergy or handicap

The customer is responsible to inform QTK  if the guests has allergies or handicap. It is important for us to be able to prepare and arrange the best experience for you or your clients.

5. Payment

Deposition 20% of booking is paid no later than 10 days after the invoice is received for the confirmed booking. If the departure is closer than 20 days to the activity date the deposition has to be paid at the time of booking. Remaining balance 80% is paid on or before departure. Interest on late payment will be collected.

Quality Tourism Katieca AB is registered for F-Tax

Bank Account 5464-9941


IBAN: SE22 6000 0000 0009 0719 8368

VAT: SE556063615001

6. The trip

The sightseeing trip various in length, total time period can be longer than agreed due do weather conditions. The “Departure time” is the time when the Customer has to be in place at the agreed location. The tour will not be extended if the customer is late.

7. Cancellation, Change of booking and Refund Policy

To make changes or cancel an existing booking, please contact us by e-mail info@vofs.se. Cancellation 14 days prior to activity is not refundable

Cancellation 30-15 days prior to activity is refundable to 80%. Deposit 20% is not refundable

Cancellation more than 30 days prior to activity is 100% refundable

8. Damage

In case of that the customer has damaged the vessel or interior during the tour, the Customer is liable for damages with value above 500 SEK.

9. Bad weather or ice conditions

With an early spring or late fall tour the tour can be cancelled due to the ice condition. Cancellations due to ice or bad weather is 100% refundable. This type of cancellations is decided by QTKs captain.  

10. Force Majeure

In the event of war, government regulation, strike, blockade, lockout or other disability, fire, shipwreck, accident or other circumstances beyond the control of the company, the shipowner is entitled to resign or otherwise redeploy ordered travel without compensation.

11. Guests participate during the trip entirely at their own risk.

12. All pricing information in these terms, correspondence, booking confirmations, etc. are stated including VAT.

13. Animals are not allowed on board.

14. QTK reserves the right for any printing or correction errors on the website.